Why 2020 is the Best Time to Sell an Online Course

The year 2020 has been somewhat a rollercoaster ride for many. The ongoing pandemic has meant an impactful adjustment in our daily lives. We may no longer feel secure in our jobs, as we rely on the unknowns to keep us moving forward. While some of us are stuck at home, or fearful with our career pathways, 2020 is the best time to reset and take advantage of what we can control. Many of us are seeing it as a golden opportunity to start an online business and sell online courses.

Of course, there are underlying questions like “Is now the best time to start a business”, or “what software should I use?”. We hear you, and that’s why we are going to break down the software options that suit your budget, style and niche to help you start an online course business.

If you have experience in a field and want to convey your knowledge to the world, then investigate these platforms.


Thinkific’s platform considers itself to have a great set of features which helps you create your course. Its user-friendly features, email marketing tools, membership integration for your customers and 24/7 customer support enables a simple and effective platform to help in your course creation. You can sign up for a one month free trial on their pro plan and see where it takes you, with unlimited course creations.

Price: Free Trial (Or $49/Month)


If you’re new to e-commerce platforms, then teachable is for you. Its features ensure an effortless way to upload your course content, edit the teaching school and engage with your students. Teachable also has graded quizzes, theme customisations and excellent customer support.

Price: $29-299/Month


Kajabi offers a high powered, in-depth course content for your students. It features powerful course themes, blogging functionality, a customisable checkout and a great email marketing automation. Kajabi excels in its marketing tools. You can tailor emails to be sent at specific times based on analytics and triggers, as well as send our branded messages to your consumers. Kajabi is recommended for established businesses and is one of the more advanced platforms in the market.

Price: Starting at $119/Month


Udemy is an open marketplace where you can use their platform to sell your online course. It’s a great place to help select a course topic and show how it stacks up against the others. Udemy offers loads of support for marketing and creating a course. If you’re not sure your video lessons are up to scratch, you can submit a sample, and Udemy will review if for feedback. By offering tutorials on creating lessons, videos and tutorials for your course, Udemy is there for support.

Price: Udemy charges a 3% revenue on courses sold. Visit www.udemy.com for more in-depth pricing information.

Final Thoughts

Building an online course offers a great way to sell your skills and earn a side income, or a full income at the same time. Having the expertise is not enough: You also need the right tools and information to get your digital product out there. Kajabi is our favourite all in one online course platform! offers everything you need to get your knowledge and experience in front of your students and a 28 Day FREE challenge to support you whilst you to get started.