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We’re all about doing whatever it takes to make sure our clients thrive and shine online. But finding each client’s online sweet spot and sustaining their unique flow of success cannot happen over night (anyone who promises that truly effective digital marketing can, is lying.) As you might guess, this means we’re not into brief encounters. Our client relationships are committed, long-term partnerships.

The fact is, we live and breathe our clients’ digital businesses because our success is defined by theirs. Meaning we can’t (and won’t) jump into bed with anyone. We’re very careful about who we commit to. So now we’re clear about the ground rules, if you fancy finding out whether the chemistry between us is right, schedule a meeting or call us on +44(0)20 38580757 to organise a date (first dates are usually over the phone or video call).

If there’s a mutual decision to go steady, that’s it. We throw ourselves all in. You get our everything. We make it our business to do whatever it takes to ensure your business goes from good to great in our digital world.


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  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-certificate-pink

    Lucy does her first ‘internet training course’ using the search engine Ask Jeeves whilst working in PR for the ill-fated Bell Pottinger Group.

    Ask Jeeves
  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-website-green

    Lucy helps to found the first London Women’s Institute, Fulham & Chelsea WI and launches her blog; ‘Not Baking But Blogging!’

    not baking but blogging
  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-monitor-pink

    Inspired by the power of the human connection-creating experience with her WI, Lucy founds online women’s movement
  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-globe-green

    Blogger, Typepad and user generated content platforms take the world by storm changing the internet landscape for good.

  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-mouse-pink

    Lucy and her team cut their internet teeth in an unprecedented, unpredictable,  ‘dotcom’ world. (Myspace is the place to be seen on online).

  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-social-media-green

    Everything changes yet again when social media develops a genre of its own: Facebook and Twitter become critical to the digital landscape.

    social media
  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-idea-pink

    Lucy closes and breathes life into Venture Styling; an agency supporting UK clients with website design and email marketing.

  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-ecommerce-green

    Venture Styling builds the first of many ecommerce shops using Big Commerce. Web design is evolving into ‘more clicks less code’.

    Big Commerce
  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-love-pink

    Venture Styling becomes Venture Solutions Group Ltd, ‘Powered by Love’ & re-focusing on WordPress and Woocommerce development.

  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-logo-green

    The Venture Solutions Group team grows; rebranding as Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co & embracing a wider remit of digital marketing & social media marketing.

    Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co
  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-hands-pink

    Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co becomes a dedicated ‘strategy-first’ Digital Agency; focusing on long-term, strategic digital consultancy and implementation.

    Strategy First
  • Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co-timeline-icon-certificate-green

    Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co launches the first Certified Virtual Business Managers™ training programme to facilitate the training for Certified VBMs.

    CVBM image

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