Top 5 Weirdest, Yet Most Successful Online Courses

The invention of the Internet has led to a great wealth of knowledge and communication that has never been seen before -we call it the boom of the Knowledge Economy. This has also paved the way for some quite strange courses to make their way onto the web. Yet, strange does not always mean useless. Check out these 5 weird, yet super successful and helpful online courses that we found!

Dog Psychology Course
People love dogs. That’s a fact. Many people also wish that they could understand and communicate with their dog on a deeper and more personal level. That’s what this course from the International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd (ISCP) seeks to deliver. It allows for dog lovers to reach in and understand on a deeper level what their dog is feeling and thinking at any given time. There are varying degrees of the course offered by the ISCP, allowing for higher and higher levels of intensive study into this subject. Lovers of dogs or dogs scientists can both enjoy this course.

Learning The Art of Clowning
As the name indicates, this course from Udemy teaches how to become a clown. Whether it is the make-up or the actual behaviour of the clowns, this course seeks to make sure that one knows why clowns act the way they do. For those who have always wanted to join the ranks of the multicoloured and slapstick entertainers, this might just be the course for them.

Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s “The Walking Dead”
One of the biggest shows of the last decade, AMC’s The Walking Dead made a huge cultural impact. For the next several years it seemed that every aspect of the entertainment industry was geared toward zombies. Yet, what made The Walking Dead different to the movies and shows that came before it was its focus on the human interactions in the zombie apocalypse. This course covers aspects of society, psychology and nutrition that would all be present in such a bleak world.

Imagining Other Earths
For those who prefer their thoughts to be focused beyond this world, they will probably enjoy this course on Coursera. It looks at the various Earth-like planets that astronomers have discovered through satellites and other methods. Then there’s a discussion of what these planets would need to offer in order to support life akin to what we have here. 

Activate Faery Shamanism Bringing Transformational Abundance
Finally, the title alone should indicate how weird this course is. It claims to allow you to form your own relationship with the faery realms, controlling your spirituality. With a controlled emotional approach to teaching, this course allows for the practice of shamanism in an attempt to build up your mental, spiritual and even physical health. A wild ride indeed.

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