What have Kajabi and a Rolls Royce Got in Common? Aka… Why Is Kajabi More Expensive Than Other Online Course Platforms?

When you’re running a business, big or small, you need to use a lot of different digital software to make it run smoothly. You need a website, ad campaigns, email marketing, and landing pages. This is especially true if you are selling an online course.

Most people spend their time jumping from website to website. And unless you are using an all in one software, none of it will be integrated even though you use it all for the same purpose—generating traffic toward your business and increasing sales.

This is why Kajabi exists. It’s there to take the stress of integration away and give business owners an all in one platform for any of their digital needs. Keep reading to learn why Kajabi is expensive and why people continue to use it even if there are cheaper alternatives.

Time Is Money

Before you think about how much more you would need to spend in order to use Kajabi, think about how much time you waste not using an integrated platform. Think about how much money you lose, from not being able to use your online tools effectively and in a coherent way.

Kajabi will save you a lot of time, plain and simple. Your time matters as a business owner and you should spend it doing what you do best. The less time you have to spend jumping from website to website and trying to connect all the dots, the more time you have to put towards your product.

Easy to Use Features

When someone first signs up for an email marketing platform, marketing software, or digital analytic tool, there is always a big learning curve. The features on alternative platforms are usually more complicated and harder to use. This is because it takes a lot of time and work to make something complicated—user friendly. Kajabi isn’t one of the cheapest options because of its easy to use interface.

How many times have you had an idea for your website or marketing campaign and couldn’t do it, or do it well enough? You probably couldn’t get it to be what you imagined. Kajabi makes these features easy to use and lets you take all creative freedom.

By making features easy to use, you’ll be able to get the maximum benefits and it will help grow your business.

Kajabi Is Your Automatic Marketer

One of the best things about Kajabi is its automation features. Once you set up a sales funnel or create an online course, you can take your hands off the wheel.

You can set up your email campaigns to send different messages depending on the recipient’s action or behaviors, which will take a lot of your real-time input out of the equation.

Features like this are great for growth because it doesn’t put the burden of digital traffic on you.


So, why is Kajabi so expensive? Because you get more with it. Kajabi is the Rolls Royce of online course software.